Dear International Sangha! In all times practicing the Buddha Dharma was possible due to a kindness and generosity of sponsors and benefactors. Drubchen is a practice of great accomplishments and great merits, it brings benefit to all beings. It is said that all who support the practice, in any possible way, will get the same merits as one who participate in person.

With intention of spreading Buddha Dharma and to benefit all beings we call on all those who wants to support Ngakso Drubchen with Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche in Russia. You can support the Drubchen on behalf of yourself or your loved ones (living or deceased, Buddhist or non-Buddhist).

Send us the names together with your donation using the form by the link below. After you submit the form you will see a link to make your offering. This link will also be included in the confirmation email which you will receive.

The names will remain inside the mandala during the practice, so people who has no way to participate in person can get benefit, share merits and establish a connection with the Dharma. All the donations will be spent for the expenses of the Drubchen: food for Rinpoche, lamas and monks, printing texts, buying various substances for the mandala and rituals.

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