Drubchen will be held at the retreat center which belongs to the International Dzogchen Community. It is located 60 kilometers away from Moscow Сity in the remote area with no shops and restaurants in walking distance. You can check the place on Google maps using these coordinates: 55.804178 38.636777. Their website (in Russian) for photos https://kunsangar.ru/

Live-stream in English available on Arya Sangha International Facebook Page. Stream will appear on top of the feed.



Before planning your travel, please check if you need a visa to visit Russia. If you need a visa, you should apply for a regular tourist visa. In most of the cases, you should apply from the country of your permanent residence. The retreat center is not accredited for providing tourist invitations. You should find a tourist company which provides you with all the required documents.


The teachings will be in Tibetan with Russian and English translation. English will be available through FM radio only. Please bring your own portable FM radio with headphones.


The practice will be held in Tibetan and Russian. Organizers can not provide English text. For the English text of «Ocean Of Amrita: A Vajrayana Mending and Purification Practice» please inquire with Ranjung Yeshe Sangha or see on Amazon. We will also use prayers from the Rigpa Sangha’s Addition Text Booklet known as ATB. Please inquire with Rigpa Sangha and be sure to bring one.


We will start our program after lunch on July 21 and finish by early evening on July 31. We can arrange someone to accompany you on the way to the venue from Moscow and back If you plan to go to the venue on July 21 morning and return to Moscow evening July 31st. Taxi with an English speaking driver from/to any Moscow airport to/from the venue is about 75 Euro for one way. If you want to use public transportation, please contact us for the details.


Accommodation is limited. The advance reservation via ngaksorussia2019@gmail.com is required.

Accommodation is available from July 18 till August 1. If you would like to stay longer, only a limited number of double rooms is available after August 1. Other types of accommodation are not available because the venue is booked by another group from August 1.

The price for lodging and meals we provide you in Euro is an approximate according to the current exchange rate. The exact price will be done in rubles.

Prices for accomodation

— Twin room with shared bathroom — €26 per full room per day

— 4-beds room with shared bathroom — €10 per one bed per day

— Indoor/outdoor camping* — €4 per day

*Indoor camping — you will sleep in 60 sq. m room with 20 more people on the wooden floor with your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

Outdoor camping — you will sleep in your own tent using your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat in the camping area.

Showers and toilets for all accommodation options are common — not separated for men’s and women’s.

If you want to come with children, please consider that children are not allowed in the practice hall. There are many people coming with children and we cannot decide and tell someone that their child is distracting others and another child is not. If we let one kid to stay inside we will have to let all of them. The tent where we do the retreat has a shape of dome and has very special acoustics. Every sound, even not loud and far away is heard like it is next to you. That is why we have this rule, sorry for the inconvience. But also it has openings around, so people with children can sit around and participate.


3 meals a day cost €12. Advance reservation of the meals is required. Vegetarian (non-vegan) menu is available. The retreat center can not fulfil any special diet requests.

The drubchen fee varies

Regular fees

11000 rubles — paid on site

Sponsors fees

€250 — covers the participation of one of the low-income person who requested help.

€300 — covers food and lodging expenses for one of the monks

€700 — you will sponsor the Tsok-feast in one of the days

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